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Wine tour Thracian plain

Wine tour Thracian plane

Winery “Copsa” The first stop on our wine tour “Thracian plain” was chateau “Copsa”, which is located near Karlovo, in the Valley of Roses. Along the way, fields with roses and vines were chaning. The winery base wine is located in the  Klisura city. Since 2008 wine cellar Copsa has chateau, rising on a hill among […]

Джаз Фестивал

Jazz in a bottle

Jazz selections of Enjoy wine  It all started with the idea of Eve and Svetlio to connect three beautiful dreams in a bouquet of mountain freshness, wine aroma and jazz till morning. This unusual selection led friends of Enjoy wine club in Bansko right during the Jazz Fest. Who can resist a walk in the mountains till Vihren top, […]

Ханджи Благо

Vine harvest in the valley of Struma

Wine tour in the valley of Struma This is a story about a giant barrel, Melnik wine, Handzi Blago from Rozhen and series of exciting wine adventures. It all started with the vine harvest – what better occasion to take a walk to the Struma river valley! In these last nice sunny days of the late summer we […]